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What's It Made Of? How Old Mah jongg regeln online dating It? How Much Is It Worth? MJ For Dummies Fewer Than 4 Players? Misunderstood Asian Rules How To Run A Tournament Chinese Official Scoring How To Get Technical Support Can't Win Japanese Majan Welcome to my bulletin board.

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Here you can ask questions about Mah-Jongg, and get answers, usually within hours! Your question has probably already been answered there. When you're ready to ask your question, email your question to Tom Sloperama.

I answer mah-jongg questions that are submitted by email only - telephoned questions are not welcome. Ask "Mister Mah-Jongg" a question! After you submit your comment or question, return to this board sometime later to see the response below - and keep coming back to see followup discussions. Typing in all capital letters is considered " shouting. Please don't ask me to click links to get more information about your question.

Give me all the information in your email. Please do not ask computer-game support questions here; read FAQ Mah jongg regeln online dating to learn how to get tech support.

For reader enjoyment, humor is sometimes used in the responses that I give. Please don't be offended by a response given in the spirit of reader enlightenment and entertainment.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy: The free service that I offer is limited to what you see here on Mah jongg regeln online dating website. Your email may be edited before posting.

No information you provide through this Mah jongg regeln online dating shall be deemed confidential.

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Emailing me with a question or comment on this topic constitutes your permission for your words to be made public. Your last name and email address will usually be omitted exceptions: The first time someone asks a question here, I send a reply email to let you know that you should come back and see your answer. If your email address is protected by a service that wants me to click a link and prove myself to be human, I don't click the link.

You'll need to check back here to find your answer. This is an information exchange, not a social site. Due to the actions of spammers, all users' posts go through me, and when I post them, I omit email addresses with exceptions as stated above. I have learned from experience that many if not most posters want their contact information to be kept private. Please do not ask to be put in touch with other people who've posted here, if their email addresses are not shown here. Please don't put me in that awkward position.

Although questions about the League's card and rules are welcome here, please read FAQ 16 and FAQ 19 to see if your question has already been answered. Also, you can click here to learn how to contact the NMJL directly. If you appreciate the free information on this site, your donation would be gratefully accepted, and would help keep this site Mah jongg regeln online dating as a free service. Similarly, "" is four single tiles.

A single tile can not be called for exposure - only for mah-jongg. You can link to the FAQs above left. And read the back of the card! There's a Mah jongg regeln online dating of info on the FAQ 19 page, but Mah jongg regeln online dating can click a link in the index to jump to your answer, or search the page for keywords.

Don't be shy about being new to the featured rules. China understands, and welcomes your participation in the spirit of international mahjong cooperation. Interested players should contact Scott Miller via email: To be kept abreast of similar international events, register at the ADMA website: Mahjong International League http: When were jokers outlawed in pairs in American mah-jongg? Wednesday, November 14, 1: If you have more questions about the rules of American mah-jongg, please check FAQ May the tiles be with you.

Wednesday, November 14, 8: The game we now Mah jongg regeln online dating as mah-jongg originated in Ningbo, China, sometime in the s or s. Mah-jongg was given the name "mah-jongg" when it was introduced to the United States in American mah-jongg originated in with the formation of the National Mah Jongg League. For a Mah jongg regeln online dating more information on mah-jongg's origins and the development of different mah-jongg variants, see FAQ Tuesday, November 13, I looked in the FAQ and didn't see it; apologies if I missed it.

It could be the chosen Mah jongg regeln online dating or another tile from the rack. Can another person claim the discarded tile for Mah Jong if it was the last tile thrown?

The last discard is available to be called. Calling it for mere exposure pung, kong, quint would be silly and a waste of everybody's time, but calling it for mah-jongg is perfectly legal. It's rare to win on the last discard, but it happens. Monday, November 12, 7: You're asking about a table practice used by some groups as their way of dealing with the fact that American stack walls are longer than most racks. As far as I know, the "tail" was never an actual rule. I can only assume you played in a group that used a tail, and now you've joined a group that doesn't.

You might find further enlightenment on this if you read FAQ Saturday, November 10, 1: I can't know, James. You didn't show me everything.

It appears that you have tiles, but I can't see them all. Can't tell you its age without that. Also you have 5 racks, 2 dice, and a wind indicator, but apparently there is no case. The NMJL cards don't tell me anything definitively. I suggest you read FAQ 7G and column Wednesday, November 7, 7: My group has begun to use them.

If asked, you do not have to tell what you exchanged for this seems rude. They are rather fun to use this way. There are several different questions you're asking: Are white dragons to be used in playing an actual game? White dragons are also called "soap. See the image below. These tiles are all "white dragons," and in American mah-jongg they're all "soap. Plastic American sets that come with blanks usually come with just two.

In the early days of mah-jongg in America, the Chinese sets usually came with eight bone-and-bamboo blanks four of which were to serve as white dragons. You'd have to ask your Mah jongg regeln online dating. They ought to know where they got the idea from.

I never heard of this particular table rule before. May the tiles be with you, Sherrell! Wednesday, November 7, 8: You have as many tiles for that as for the even bams hand with no pairs needed and only pungs of 3s and Ds. And so, to preserve that option, the Charleston pass should be chosen from 1D, 5D, 7D, E keeping 3C in case Mah jongg regeln online dating Red might come in, increasing the options.

I'll append this to the column. Tuesday, November 6, 6: The Official National Mah Jongg League Online Mah jongg regeln online dating is played through an.

NMJL rules states than an exposure can be changed only before the discard after a Alias, Email Address, and the date your NMJL Online subscription will expire.

Mahjong Time provides to online...

Mahjong solitaire is a single-player matching game that uses a set of mahjong tiles rather than With the advent of online gaming, some computer mahjong games offer "clash" style player vs player challenges where each opponent solves the. Rules to be played during the event include Mahjong Competition Rules (MCR). to a forensic lab along with my Scrimshaw collection to verify and date the materials. . of$ USD from Julia S.

You Mah jongg regeln online dating view the transaction details online.

There are about as many variations of mahjong as there are suits and sets of tiles. When playing a game of mahjong, it's important that all four players are playing by way of the rules of the same portrayal. The six primitive versions of mahjong are: The other acknowledged versions of mahjong include: There are also umpteen other versions of mahjong that aren't considered official versions. This solitaire is derived from mahjong, but is not an official profile of it.

It does use ritual mahjong tiles, but only requires a specific player. In mahjong solitaire, the purpose is to agree as many pairs of tiles as possible without on-going out of options.

Mahjong solitaire is the "version" of mahjong most repeatedly found online. The version discussed lion's share in this scoop, the American form is considered to be very nearly the same to the prankster game gin rummy.

There are not too Chinese variations, but Chinese Mahjong refers to the accredited version. China's Hold Sports Commission designated this version of mahjong as its official th deride.

It was devised as a technique to merge the rules of the so many disparate Chinese versions into a single cathedral game.

What's It Made Of? How Old Is It? How Much Is It Worth? MJ For the purpose Dummies Fewer Than 4 Players? Misunderstood Asian Rules How To Run A Tournament Chinese True Scoring How To Get Polytechnic Support Can't Attain Japanese Majan

Mahjong solitaire is a single-player equivalent game that uses a fly at b put out of mahjong tiles rather than cards. It is also known as Shanghai solitaire , electronic or computerized mahjong , solitaire mahjong and simply as mahjong. The tiles come from the four-player game mahjong. The tiles are arranged in a particular four-layer pattern with their faces upwards.

A tile is said to be open or exposed if it can be moved either left or right beyond disturbing other tiles. The target is to match open pairs of identical tiles and bump off them from the board, exposing the tiles under them benefit of play. The game is finished when all pairs of tiles have been removed from the board or when there are no exposed pairs remaining.

How Mahjong Works

The six primary versions of mahjong are: In other words, I have claimed a discarded tile, then exposed that tile, and then gone ahead to immediately discard the same tile. I tell my students that a concealed complete set in the hand is your "happy secret. Thursday, September 6, 9: It's not unusual for low-stakes "friendly" games to be a little relaxed about some of the rules. Friday, August 31, 1:

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Tournament Rules

I cheated on my girlfriend, should I tell her? Mah-jongg was a tradition for the women in my family. Hannah unraveled the game for us: These are the rules, this is how we pass game, group texts overflowing my phone's screen trying to schedule dates into September and October. ARTS & CULTURE · Books · Fiction · Film · The Internet · Music. Visit HowStuffWorks to learn about the different mahjong variations. a game of mahjong, it's important that all four players are playing by the rules of the same..

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Since the last time you visited, FAQ 19 has been revised to make it easier to find answers by category - and the Jokers category is right up top of FAQ See post from Belinda on Oct.

Have a good laugh at all the silly mistakes and start over. The Japanese rules DO forbid it, but, well, this isn't Japanese mah-jongg. Is there a time limit for calling for the tile and declaring mahjong?

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