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Dating the devil otome


Actually that was a problem for me too I found a few ways to get some Piece of Justice: You'll get 1 PoJ for 2 invited friends and 3 PoJ for 20 invited friends. Do the "Black Summon": Like Solmare on their Facebook page: They occasionally make the deal to get a gift so a PoJ if you like them. You'll get gifts for the other Dating the devil otome - Shall we games too, if you like them.

The Link you can find under "Advice before you start playing" on this page. No, I don't mean with real money well, that would also be a possibilitybut with Souls.

The best way is to log Dating the devil otome daily, greet friends and do "Diavals guide to style".

approaches you in order to...

How do I change Dating the devil otome name? I mixed up first name and last name so they keep calling me Bhatt. Go to "Menu" then to "Edit Profil", there you can change your name.

Have you tried to remove the game from your device and re-install it? Just go to you Items, choose the amount of True Love, you want to use best only use 1, in case that's enough to get the Sweet Ending Dating the devil otome, and then click on "use".

How do i enter a reference code? I cant find a way to, sorry if this question is dumb lol. YOu can only enter the code the first time you install and start the game Afterwards it's not possible to enter a reference code anymore. I received a piece of justice for my daily login bonus but it's not in my item list? Maybe you still need to accept it on your Main Page of the game.

Hello, if I played and finished a route at one of the characters, can I replay the whole story from the beginning without being charge of power up? The power level always stays the same, no matter how many routes or how often you play them. What's the easiest way to earn soul? I'm stuck at a checkpoint and I need more charm but I don't have enough soul to buy anything. Dating the devil otome are several ways to get sould, but the easiest way is to play the "Diaval's guide to style" minigame.

I can't find it even when typing the exact Dating the devil otome Thanks for your help!

Reiner is bright and positive,...

They asked for your soul because you had only a few days left to live. Advice before you start playing.

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If you encounter any Problem: I listed there everyone who I wanted to thank for their help with this blog. Sandra Schumann Tuesday, 10 June at Anonymous Wednesday, 15 February at Anonymous Monday, 15 June at Anonymous Sunday, 10 January at Paloma Bhatt Sunday, 13 Dating the devil otome at Anonymous Sunday, 24 April at Paige Rhodes Friday, 8 July at Anonymous Wednesday, 13 July at Anonymous Friday, 28 October at Dating the devil otome Dracht Tuesday, 22 November at Lashana Young Monday, 20 March at Anonymous Saturday, 27 May at Anonymous Friday, 11 August at Newer Post Older Post Home.

Contents[show] 10 days with my devil Are you ready to make a dangerous deal with a devil? A group of devils suddenly appear, and they're here to take your. Shall we date?: Angel or Devil + Main Page. The story started with a scene where you found yourself in bed at the hospital when you opened.

Shall We Date?: Angel or Devil is a dating sim game by NTT Solmare.

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Synopsis Edit. The story started with a scene where you found yourself in bed at a hospital .

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