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Libido erotic emporium for women


But forget the need for a female Viagra - there are plenty of other ways Libido erotic emporium for women spice up your love life. Jenny Stocks spoke to a panel of experts to find out more If your libido needs a boost, plan a romantic meal. Seafood in general is great for the libido, but particularly Mediterranean mussels.

An amino acid in them directly raises sexual hormone levels for men and women.

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Also, try celery or fennel, which have a natural oestrogen-like substance which can kick-start your libido. Certain foods and wines can give off human pheremone-like smells body scents said to excite sexual instinct. Try champagne or truffles for potent aromas. Or for something different, the scent of cucumber and licorice have been shown to arouse women, too. Coffee can Libido erotic emporium for women a great aphrodisiac. It has beneficial Libido erotic emporium for women to help keep you Libido erotic emporium for women and improves mood.

And that mood lifter with the zing of caffeine can be just what you need to inspire a move from the table to the bed. Thanks to programmes like Sex And The City and glossy magazines, women often feel pressure to perform in the bedroom - even after a long day at work or with the children. This can damage your sex drive, as it stops you being present emotionally. One method I recommend to help relax is eye-gazing - sitting naked in front of your partner without touching or speaking for several minutes to make you aware of your body again.

It can also help to ban intercourse for a week, but have sensual touching every day without expectation of arousal. Literature of any kind, particularly erotic literature, is a really safe place to experiment.

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Unlike erotic images on screen, the written word is more subtle and allows us to use our imagination. Jane Austen novels are extremely sexy, too.

A ballet instructor told me: Strengthening these core muscles that span the pelvis can spice up sex for all women. It improves your confidence in the bedroom and can increase sensation. One simple exercise is a parallel squat with a netball or equivalent between the legs - this builds tension from the thighs to the pelvic floor.

If sex is no longer on your agenda, think about whether there are any difficulties in your relationship. Often, lack of intimacy is down to couples spending Libido erotic emporium for women little time together due to work or children.

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So schedule time for each other. Drop the kids off with your mother or a babysitter. Talk on the phone at lunchtime. But you may even have the opposite problem - too much time together. This often affects couples who work with each other. Take a step back - discover separate interests to make time Libido erotic emporium for women special.

Instead of putting on an unattractive pair of tights for a romantic dinner, or even before a day in the office, try hold-ups or lacy stockings and matching suspenders teamed with a Libido erotic emporium for women pair of knickers.

It gives your confidence a boost. In a major survey we conducted, thousands of women revealed their top tips to boost their libidos. Those precious minutes to relax can get you in the mood for sex. Also, be nice Libido erotic emporium for women each other. In a long-term relationship, confining your love-making to the bedroom can get boring. Why not enjoy other rooms? We tend to compare ourselves to younger women or gorgeous, toned older ladies like Helen Mirren, which can dampen our libido.

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So focus on the bits you do like. You may still have great eyes or fantastic legs. But most of all, just get on with it. Once you start, you may be surprised by how much you still enjoy sex. Life insurer rejects R2. Scorned bride reads out cheating fiance's X-rated texts at wedding. Top Durban schools face headache of pupil emigration. Woman thrown overboard by lover on Duchess of Cambridge cruise Libido erotic emporium for women. DA a waste of time, says Herron.

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Women suffering sexual problems ranging...

For others they say that menopause has in fact raised their libido, especially for those who Sh! Erotic Emporium, the award winning female focused sex shop is. But forget the need for a female Viagra - there are plenty of other ways Sam Roddick, director of Covent Garden's erotic emporium Coco De. Libido erotic emporium for women

Women suffering sexual problems ranging...

Early models of the vibrator were used to treat women with hysteria, which, The Libido Erotic Emporium for Women, a female-friendly sex store located in.

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