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Gay navy men


It was the first synagogue built in Iraq in years. During the Iraq War, it was a refuge for American Jewish service members who read from its kosher Torah — a rarity in Iraq — and attended High Holiday and Hanukkah services. Six years ago on September 20,the policy was repealed.

And on April 30 of this year, when Cutler retired as a Captain, the highest-ranking Jewish chaplain in the Marines, he walked down the aisle at his retirement ceremony with his husband, Thierry Steenberghs. This year, the anniversary of repeal takes place on the eve of Rosh Hashanah and remains very much in the minds of Gay navy men veterans who helped make the military more inclusive.

Others were fired from the military, effectively destroying their careers and depriving them of Gay navy men. Some were, unbelievably, charged for the cost of their training. That was the case for Jewish Gay navy men Denny Meyer. I could name people. He joined after seeing college classmates burn the American flag at Vietnam War protests.

He said that while many lied about being gay to avoid the war, he lied that he was straight to join. At Ellis Island, his mother was admitted as a resident alien refugee after Gay navy men without papers. To escape Gay navy men the US, she convinced a Gestapo agent to return her Gay navy men passport, hid with a Christian family in Holland and bribed a customs official in Amsterdam. Her parents and all but one brother died at Auschwitz.

He subsequently joined the Army and savored parachute jumps from Gay navy men helicopter. He concluded his year military career as a sergeant first class. Throughout, he heard homophobic comments — insults, death threats and jokes — from service members unaware of his identity.

One patriot fought back against homophobia and set a precedent. InArmy drill sergeant Miriam Ben-Shalom — who was also an Israeli Army veteran of the War of Attrition — sued the US military after an honorable discharge for admitting she was a lesbian. The military successfully appealed her reinstatement. Inthe Supreme Court refused to hear her case.

Making fun of the Navy...

Other legal cases within the military also ended harshly. On active duty in the Philippines, Cutler served as a counselor in a case involving a young Marine accused of being gay.

I was doing counseling. It was extremely devastating for him. Over the years, other service members came to him to tell him they were gay. Cutler kept his own identity a secret. Gay navy men of me refused to take the risk. He had come out before joining the military, while studying at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College.

His later congregations, including in Warrington, Pennsylvania, were Gay navy men of his identity.

No one said anything. No one was interested in Gay navy men me. They were extremely supportive. But in uniform, his secrecy returned. And two, the repercussions of being found out, the consequences, the emotional impact of Gay navy men with shame, your sense of self, integrity.

How can you cover up? You want to serve.

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Cutler served with distinction. He was decorated multiple times. Inhe met Belgian native Thierry Steenberghs through a newspaper ad, beginning a lasting relationship. Cutler and Steenberghs, who converted to Judaism, have an adopted son; their marriage has been valid in the state of Delaware since This was especially true during the Iraq War. But opinion was leaning toward an inclusive military, after advocacy from organizations such as the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Veterans of America, Inc.

She served as its first president. Meyer Gay navy men after losing his husband to AIDS in ; they had been together for 20 years. Distraught, Meyer left the US to live briefly with relatives in Israel; it was his second stint there. Further, Meyer suffered from incurable cancer after exposure to chemicals on the Forrestal, and spinal degeneration from parachute jumps.

The Veterans Administration denied him benefits. So, I started the New York Chapter of an organization that was already doing that work. It was copied all around the country — counties and cities, the state of California. We started the whole thing. On December 22,President Barack Obama signed repeal into law; it took effect on September 20, Remember, too, to remain watchful.

Merely because something Gay navy men does not mean all will end well. Gay navy men


Ask any of us who helped to make history about that. Cutler spoke about his experiences at the navy yards in Philadelphia and Washington, Gay navy men, and at his retirement. On April 30, Cutler retired, 32 years to the day since his Gay navy men as an officer. In a final honor from the Navy, Cutler walked down the aisle one more time, with his husband.

Jon Cutler shakes the lulav and etrog with Jewish soldiers on the Sukkot holiday. US Navy chaplain Jon Gay navy men presides over a lay leader conference induring his deployment to Iraq.

Miriam Ben-Shalom was discharged from the US military for coming Gay navy men as a lesbian. US Navy chaplain Jon Cutler, right, helps fellow service members celebrate the second night of Chanukah in front of an outdoor menorah at the American air base at Al Asad in Anbar Province, Iraq, in Chaplain Jon Cutler retires with the rank of captain from the US Navy after 32 years of service, in a ceremony at his current congregation, Beth Israel of Chester County, Pennsylvania, on April 30, We Gay navy men cookies and other technologies to recognize your repeat visits and preferences, as well as to measure campaigns and analyze traffic.

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All of the others were straight men, except for my ex-boyfriend. When I was in boot camp, in Naval Station Great Lakes near Chicago in sent him to the new division, and there was no mention of him possibly being gay. On the anniversary of the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' repeal, a career Jewish Navy man shares about serving in secrecy -- and finally breaking the.

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