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I dont feel like hookup anymore


Loneliness is a terrible feeling. Fairy tales are not made up of one night stands. No matter how cool and calm you are going into it, you might just come out feeling attached. Blame it on the hormones or the tequila or the way he kissed your forehead when it was over, but something inside of you clicked and decided that maybe this could go somewhere.

There is no shame in being alone. If you can look past the heat of passion and I dont feel like hookup anymore like the person standing in front of you, sometimes you have to throw caution to the I dont feel like hookup anymore and take a chance.

You have to let it go. You just have to know who you are and what you really want, because no matter how badly you think you just want sex, you might walk away feeling differently.

You have to shake off the disappointment of unrealistic expectations and stop selling yourself short. Every girl deserves to be loved and respected, and you have to be brave enough to believe in that. Even if it means being on your own for a little while.

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You Get Jealous Easily

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It's starting to feel like...

It's starting to feel like I'm just wasting time with you when I could be out finding a to be anything more than hookup buddies, so if you don't want to change that.

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