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Intimidating shout aoc monitors


I'm not a big fan of LaTex. That is probably more a reflection of the fact that I don't have an advanced degree and didn't have to write a dissertation than anything else. But one thing that is worse than LaTex is the equation Intimidating shout aoc monitors in PowerPoint. If you are like us, you use PowerPoint as your primary reporting tool and dread putting equations in. Matt Sutton was doing just that the other day and thought "there has got to be a better way!

A tool called IguanaTex. After a couple of email exchanges around a tech support question, we thought it would be good to share with everyone.

Intimidating shout aoc monitors you look at the details view for a command object you will notice that it only supports input parameters: Any command object Intimidating shout aoc monitors add to the tree above the Solution branch only allows input parameters. But a command snippet applied in the Solution branch is different, it allows you to pull parameters back and share them through the parameter manager.

Initially they will show up Intimidating shout aoc monitors because the model has not been run and they are not defined. Click on the box to make them parameters that get passed outside of the program and then run:. If you pop back out to the project view you will see that we now have a Parameter Set bar with both input and output parameters:. That file contains any command objects you insert into the tree and extracts any Intimidating shout aoc monitors that you tagged in a post processing command object for return to ANSYS Mechanical.

Please remember that hardware and software change with new releases and you Intimidating shout aoc monitors always try to run your own benchmarks, on your own typical problems, to understand how performance will impact you. The benchmarking was only run on a single server using a total of 16 cores on each machine. That was the question Eric proposed to me after he reviewed the data and read this blog article before posting. Anyways, so after each solve I captured the solve data and as you can see below.

Lets take a look at couple of reasons why this happened. I will let you make your own conclusions. Let us look at the details of what is on the motherboards as well. The date of the monetary values was captured on September 12, These systems have allowed PADT and our customers to carry out larger simulations, with greater accuracy, in less time, at a lower cost than name-brand solutions.

This leaves you more cash to buy more hardware or software. This is part 1 of a two-part series in Engineering Data customization and default settings. This article essentially serves as a foundation for my next one, which will cover how to Intimidating shout aoc monitors up default material choices and assignments in Workbench.

Click on one of the libraries, say, General Materials, and take a look at the selection of materials. Maybe store them in a library, or something. You can create your own libraries too. Specify these and click Save.

Search form

All of your material names and properties will be stored in this file. Click Yes to accept changes. If you want to add or edit materials to your library at a later date, simply unlock it by checking the column B check box again. How do you bring it back into Workbench? Toggle the libraries on by clicking on the stack of books button.

I was too lazy to define all the materials for this article, hence the question marks. The computerization of engineering and everything else has imposed new burdens on managers and executives who must make critical decisions. Where once they struggled with too little information they now struggle with too much.

Until roughly three decades ago, time and money were plowed into searching for more and better information. Today, time and money disappear are plowed into making sense of myriad computer simulations. For all but the best-organized decision Intimidating shout aoc monitors, these opposite situations have proven equally frustrating. For nearly all of engineering history, critical decisions were based on a few pieces of seemingly credible data, a handful of measurements, and hand-drawn sketches a la Leonardo DaVinci—leavened with hands-on experience and large dollops of intuition.

Computer simulations are now everywhere in engineering. They have greatly speeded up searches for information, as Intimidating shout aoc monitors as creating it in the first place, and endlessly multiplying it. What has been lost are transparency and traceability—what was done when, by whom and why. This is not some arcane, hidden war waged by experts, geeks and professors. This is about designing machinery, components, physical systems and Intimidating shout aoc monitors that are globally competitive—and turn a profit doing so.

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The complexity of modern components, assemblies and systems has been exhaustively and repeatedly described. Nor is this something engineers and first-line managers can afford to ignore. Given the shortages of engineering talent, relatively inexperienced engineers are constantly being handed responsibility for making key decisions.

Each interviewee is a licensed professional engineer PE and each has been recommended by a leading FEA software vendor.

The verify part is easy. FEA modelers and solvers have been well wrung-out over the past 10 to 20 years. All Intimidating shout aoc monitors the FEA software vendors will share details of their in-house tests of their commercial code, the experiences of customers doing similar work, and investigations by reviewers who are Intimidating shout aoc monitors on engineering-school faculties.

Even less frequently and clearly described is the reasoning behind the dozens or hundreds of choices they made that are dictated by those assumptions. And worse, these choices are not always clarified when model builders do provide this detail—quite the opposite, in fact. When pressed for explanations, model builders may simply present the mathematical formulas they use to characterize the physics of their work. Analysis experts are quick to point out that these equations often confuse and intimidate.

Decision makers should insist on commonsense explanations and not equations. This is why transparency and Intimidating shout aoc monitors are so important Intimidating shout aoc monitors FEA. Further support comes from company best practices developed by FEA users and managers, although enforcement is rarely consistent, and voluntary industry standards whose applicability varies widely. The transparency and traceability challenge is that building a model—again, a subset of the real world—requires dozens of assumptions about the mechanical capabilities that the object or assembly must have to meet its requirements.

After these basic assumptions have been coded into the model, hundreds of follow-on choices are needed to represent the physical phenomena in the model.

A survey of experts turns up numerous aspects of FEA and other computerized simulations that decision makers should probe as part of a trust-but-verify approach. Underlying all these are the geometric and analytical components that are found in all simulations. In FEA, this means the mesh of elements Intimidating shout aoc monitors embodies the physics of the component or assembly being modeled.

Decision makers should always question the choice of elements as there are hundreds to pick from. Some models use only a handful of elements while a few use tens of millions. Also to be questioned is the sensitivity of those elements to the forces, or loads, that push or pull on the model.

Developers of FEA and other simulation systems are working hard to simplify finding these answers or at least make trust-but-verify determinations less taxing. Such a decision maker will lead the model builder and analyst think more deeply about those inputs.

Ultimately a more accurate simulation will be created. Miller offers a caveat: The key is to not become adversarial and Intimidating shout aoc monitors the integrity or knowledge of the analyst. Unfortunately, given the complexity of simulations, agreement with reality is often not easy to demonstrate.

Hence the probing and questioning recommended by FEA experts and engineers. Secondly, despite tsunamis of data cascading from one engineering department to another, a great deal of the physical world still remains imprecisely quantified. As Mannella, Crompton and other FEA consultants regularly remind their clients, an analysis is an approximation. It is an abstraction, a forecast, a prediction. There will always be some margin of error, some irreducible risk.

Every analysis is a small subset of one small part the real world, which is constrained by deadlines, budgets, and the boundaries of human comprehension.

GB Tubulars makes connectors for drilling and producing oil and gas in extreme environments. Its products go into oil and gas projects several miles underground and also often beneath a mile or more of seawater. Pressures are extreme, bordering on the incalculable.

The risk of a blowout with massive damage to equipment and the Intimidating shout aoc monitors is ever-present.

Proven approaches

The analysts also stressed probing the correlation with the results of physical experiments. Tests in properly equipped laboratories by qualified experimentalists are single best way to ensure that the model actually does reflect physical reality.

Which brings us to the FEA challenge of extrapolations. Often the most Intimidating shout aoc monitors test data is not available because physical testing is slow and costly. The absence of relevant data makes it Intimidating shout aoc monitors to extrapolate among the results of similar experiments. Extrapolations can have large impacts on models, so they too should be questioned and understood.

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To deal with these difficulties, Crompton and the others analysts recommend, first, managing the numbers with statistical process control SPC methods and, second, devising the best ways to set up the model and its analyses with design-of-experiments simulations.

Both should be reviewed Intimidating shout aoc monitors decision makers—ideally with a qualified engineer looking over their shoulders. In other words, probe for the unneeded complexity and bad data. Model builders are always advised by FEA experts to start by modeling the simplest example of the problem Intimidating shout aoc monitors then build upward and outward until the model reflects all the relevant physics.

Decision makers should determine whether this sensible practice was followed. Decision makers should insist that analysts take the extra time. Chop the model down to bite-sized chunks for questioning. Perry works in the tightly regulated field of implantable medical and cardiovascular devices.

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