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Carter and max hook up


In his acclaimed novel "Anna Karenina," Leo Tolstoy famously wrote that "anything is better than lies and deceit. On tonight's " Finding Carter ," Max and Carter weighed Carter and max hook up concepts with a whole lotta difficulty: After the two hooked up in the back of his truck, they spent an entire weekend deciding if they should tell Taylor about the tryst.

Even after Max and Carter...

So the two came up with a plan: Break it to Tay during a weekend getaway at Gammy's cabin, where Bird, Madison, Gabe and new guy Damon would join them. But over the course of the weekend, not everyone agreed that Taylor really, truly needed the And naaaturally, free-spirited Bird didn't think the hookup was a big deal. The guys weighed in too.

Carter and max hook up don't want her hurt. Later that night, Max got yet another reason to Carter and max hook up his trap shut -- and this time, it came from Taylor herself.

Finding Carter | Shocking Moment...

As the two sat outside, the once-meek twin explained her brief affair with Ofe yeah, he was a total reboundthen turned the tables on Max. You know how long it took me to forgive Crash. I have some things to work on -- trust issues or something. And with that, Max's thought bubble immediately turned to this. That's right -- the long-locked Romeo kept his lip zipped yet again, and it seemed like he might keep it that way. That is, until the episode's very last moment: As the group began packing their cars to leave Gammy's, Taylor came across something very interesting in the back of Carter and max hook up flatbed: So it looks like the jig is up, and Max may be poised to reveal his secret after all.

Like Madison and Damon said, the truth can hurt -- and it'll surely cause Taylor hella heartbreak. Plus, Tay herself Carter and max hook up that she has trust issues, and wouldn't the revelation just deepen them?

On the other hand, Gabe and Carter have good points: Frankly, we don't know where to stand on this one, so we're leaving it up to you.

Do YOU think Max should admit his indiscretion?

On tonight's "Finding Carter," Max...

Take our poll, then sound off in the Carter and max hook up. From the looks of the trailer, fans should prepare themselves for a suicide attempt —think Lori—and a steamy hook-up from Carter and Max. On tonight's "Finding Carter," Max and Carter weighed both concepts with a whole lotta difficulty: After the two hooked up in the back of his truck.

Finding Carter | Shocking Moment #6: Carter and Max Hook Up | MTV.

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