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Why men date older women


You are guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows in Hong Kong if there is a significant age gap between you and your partner. It is not just the age difference that makes people curious; many are sceptical that two people with so many years between them can have anything in common.

The popular assumption is that the relationship is based on purely material gains. But the phenomenon is becoming more commonplace. Besides your typical sugar daddies, there is a rising trend of mature women in their 40s to 60s going out with men who are Why men date older women least 10 years their junior. These women are popularly known as cougars. The numbers of cougars are growing as many modern career women, who spent their prime years focusing on their jobs and neglecting their romantic life, start looking for serious love.

Some might have had marriages or long-term relationships ruined by Why men date older women same career-focused mentality and are now pursuing a second chance in love. Jacqueline Chia is managing partner and co-founder of Meet Mozaic, a matchmaking service for mature Hong Kong residents. She says age should Why men date older women be an issue in any relationship as long as both parties are happy and fulfilled.

Chia says that couples with more than a year age gap have a 95 per cent chance of divorce. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are another prime example of a relationship with a significant age gap.

Another negative factor is family aspirations not being in sync, as the younger partner may wish to start a family while the older one may already have one and not wish to have more children.

Positive elements include having an older, more experienced individual, who is likely to be more financially stable and is able to mentor their younger partner and share life and business experiences with them.

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Chia adds that there is another plus to consider. The older person knows what they want in life and the younger person brings youth, vibrancy and vitality to it. Some people would argue that young women are more mature than their male counterparts in the Why men date older women age groups and so make a perfect match for an older man.

Carol DeCandido, who co-founded Meet Mozaic with Chia, says the cougar trend seems to be more socially acceptable in the 21st century. She explains, though, that this acceptance varies depends on the community or culture. They feel they could embarrass their family members and friends.

The idea or desire for a trophy wife, girlfriend or mistress is prevalent. Many young, beautiful women are also happy to engage in this type of relationship.

DeCandido gives some pointers on Why men date older women the signs that a significantly younger partner is genuinely into you. Can you spend intimate time together without having to provide perks like an expensive dinner, expensive gifts, new handbag or trip abroad? Are they happy just getting takeaway and watching Netflix at home?

Do they initiate romantic gestures? And you know what to do next. Skip to main content. Cougars, older women who date younger men, on the rise, but can true love survive a large age gap? Sunday, 16 September,2: Monday, 17 September,2: Related topics Sex and relationships.

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It's flattering for an older Why men date older women when a guy. Whether they are looking for attractive older women in their neighborhood bars or on one of the top rated cougar dating sites in our review there are a lot of. QUESTION: Why do younger men date older women?

SHORT ANSWER: The reasons vary depending on how much older the woman is. Are you talking about .

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