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Hokejovy zapas slovensko cesko online dating


They might have made sense back when we still thought that hockey was about the survival of the toughest, but in this day and age, we need more.

More data, more information about the players and the general flow of the game.

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Earlier this year, me and my amazing team of volunteers had done just that for the IIHF Worldsand since Hlinka Memorial Cup is one of the most important international tournaments for many draft prospects U18we decided to once again spend the better part of a week watching and re-watching the matches and gathering data.

All the data is unofficial, obviously. Filip ZadinaCZE: Timothy LiljegrenSWE: Michael PastujovUSA: Maxime ComtoisCAN: Andrei SvechnikovRUS: But those are just individual numbers. Take a closer look at the charts to find the proper context Hokejovy zapas slovensko cesko online dating regards to the team performance.

How it works

All stats are in embedded Tableau charts and you can feel free to use them appropriately crediting the source. If you need more information, please contact me.

However, it looks like the International Ice Hockey Federation IIHF unfortunately still prefers to stay in the safe and boring zone, reporting only on goals, shots and plus-minus statistics. Hokejovy zapas slovensko cesko online dating could either Hokejovy zapas slovensko cesko online dating in and pretend that adding some bar charts to the official World Championship website makes it modern and up-to-date… or we could choose to live in reality. So, rather than patiently waiting for the IIHF to evolve, I decided to take matters into my own hands and track some of the advanced statistics myself.

Well, not really by myself. All data will be published on this website using the Tableau platform and you are free to use them appropriately crediting the source, obviously. In any case, tuck in, play around with the charts, and enjoy: Direct link to Tableau. What kind of stats will you find here? Best 5v5 possession teams: Slovenský zväz ľadového hokeja. SCRIPT_NAME=/ SERVER_PORT=80 SERVER_PORT_SECURE=0.

January 2, ·. Zápas Slovensko vs Česko môžete sledovať aj tu online: - Najlepšie momenty hokejistov mimo ľadu. Karlovarský hokejový oddíl vznikl při fotbalovém SK Slavia Karlovy Vary v roce z jedné třetiny posily z jiných klubů, dva hráči v kádru pocházeli ze Slovenska. Svůj první zápas v MHL sehrály Karlovy Vary pod vedením trenéra Karla kdy při mezistátním utkání EHT Česká republika − Rusko v karlovarské KV.

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