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Voroshilovskij strelok online dating


The Voroshilov Sharpshooter Russian: Voroshilovskiy streloknamed after a badge for markmanship is a Russian action and drama film directed by Stanislav Govorukhin based on the book Woman on Wednesdays Russian: Zhenshchina po sredam by Viktor Pronin. The concept loosely resembles the "rape and revenge" genre.

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The film became successful with numerous awards given for the film including the prestigious Russian Guild of Film Critics for best actor by Mikhail Ulyanov. It also has 1 win and Voroshilovskij strelok online dating nominations for Nika Awards.

In a nearby flat, three bored youth, Vadim Pashutin, local businessman Boris Chukhanov and student Igor Zvorygin, kill time by designating Voroshilovskij strelok online dating as a day of sexual gratification.

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They manage to lure Katya to their flat and rape her. Initially Voroshilovskij strelok online dating offenders are arrested, however Vadim's father is a senior figure in the police and uses his influence to have the charges against his son and his friends dropped.

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Frustrated at the offenders having escaped justice, Ivan sells his dacha and buys a silenced SVD sniper rifle from an illegal weapons trader. From there he begins to administer vigilante justice. Taking care not to kill the offenders, he instead cripples Voroshilovskij strelok online dating. First, he shoots Zvorygin's genitals through a bottle of sparkling wine which diverges from the book, where he shot the student's leg.

Secondly, he explodes Chukhanov's carwhich the latter has just bought, by shooting the gas tank: Vadim's father figures out that Voroshilovskij strelok online dating must be behind both accidents, ordering the search of Ivan's house and the second flat.

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However, police find nothing Alexei, Voroshilovskij strelok online dating local police watcher, had found Voroshilovskij strelok online dating hid the rifle in his own house a day before that. Still, the father threatens Ivan, saying that should anything happen to his son, he will face severe consequences.

Ivan interrupts him, saying that something has already happened meaning that Vadim becoming a rapist clearly shows something has happened to him.

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The father, however, takes his words literally, and rushes home, shooting out the door lock to open it not knowing paranoid Vadim has barricaded the door. Following the Voroshilovskij strelok online dating, Vadim shoots back through the door with a shotgun, wounding his father and, after days of fright, losing his sanity. In the epilogue, Ivan finds Katya not knowing anything of Vadim's fate back at home, as she recovers completely.

Alexei tells Ivan of the hidden rifle and unofficially confiscates it.

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The film proved controversial, for its graphic and violent features with some film critics describing it as "a call to violence. Several subsequent real life cases have been compared to the film. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on 29 March Retrieved 29 March Retrieved from " https: Articles containing Russian-language text. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 17 Octoberat By using this site, you Voroshilovskij strelok online dating to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Voroshilovskij strelok online dating Bengali Hindi - hindi indian, bengali indian Porn Picture - indian girls posing naked on camera. The Voroshilov Sharpsooter with English Voroshilovskij strelok online dating is a Russian action and drama film directed by Stanislav Govorukhin based on the book Woman on.

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