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Curve game meme dating the same guy twice tzuyu


We are expanding our team. She's painfully average, and kinda ugly before the nosejob, and yet she's shilled as one of the most beautiful actresses ever. If she wasn't famous, people would call her Quasimodo all the time.

People rarely comment about her looks and if they do it's usually something like "I like that shade of lipstick" or something innocuous like that. Bella reminds me of an elf though she looked pretty haggard after her surgery. She also looks older than her age, though not in a bad way. For me it's Margot Robbie. She's got an objectively okay face but it's always so tarted up and to me she always looks like a giant bitch about to roast a fat girl for being at the gym. She looks beautiful on red carpets, and Curve game meme dating the same guy twice tzuyu features are pretty themselves, but in GoT she looks weird?

Her face looks really wide and almost bloated sometimes, and she looks dull without red carpet glamorous makeup looks. Granted, it could simply be that they do her makeup to look like that in the show, and that those hairstyles are the most unflattering ones for her face shape, that's why I'm on the fence. I think she gets the pity treatment. People know she's ugly, so they shower her with compliments out of pity. The North's colours are dark and dull, while King's Landing's are a lot brighter.

I think she looks much better under brighter colours. The one on the right She's got such a manly face and a gigantic mouth.

Pop Quiz: Which TWICE member...

Everyone gushes over Rachel in Friends, but I always thought Monica was way prettier. Prettier black women exist. It's mostly marketing though. Pretty but Curve game meme dating the same guy twice tzuyu putting. This could be said for a lot of kpop stars tbh, they're pretty but the standard look for them is incredibly boring V-line face shape, etc.

It's odd how she gets a pass for her actions when any other celebrity would be burned at the stake for acting like her. I think her body language is often really beautiful and classy. But I don't get why she is used for the black dont crack stereotype.

Just some foreign fans shield her but they also do that for even uglier ones, so…. They all look awful and are the modern equivelent of teased 80s hair and leg warmers. It's like in their mind, she's been elected as the queen of all black girls so of course you have to love her or how can you say you support black women!!!!

Obviously Curve game meme dating the same guy twice tzuyu has tons of sincere fans since the beginning of her fame but the continued extreme fanaticism is a little suspicious to me. This one is the goal if the other Kardashians pre-surgery still aren't realistic for you to live vicariously through. She's hardly hideous now, but all of her surgeries have made her look alien-esque.

I still don't know wtf happened to her philtrum, it's gotten so long. It doesn't help that she's Kanye's own personal Barbie and he has no idea how to dress for her body type or any woman's lbr. A lot of people say that she was super manly before all that but idk she looked more - likable? For my part I would throw Kate Moss in here - she wasn't never the typical kind of beauty but her best days are long over.

She used to be cool. They're pretty much only known as busted plastic surgery monsters with disgusting giant butts. I wanna be there. No real adult would want to look like that and having a big butt is considered undesireable outside of the US.

I don't know what old...

Where are you from that everybody honestly finds that attractive? Theyre on so many fucking magazine covers and in so many ads. And find them ugly so. She's a really pretty girl but her recent ugly wigs and hairstyles don't suit her bone structure AT ALL.

Plus all of the last season she had the same stupid bland expression on her face muh acting so she just looked… not good. They did the same thing on X-men Apocalypse.

Don't scrape this girl's hair Curve game meme dating the same guy twice tzuyu. She was gorgeous with a perfect body when she was young.

I've been binge watching all...

I think she must look way better in motion because I spent all of Erin Brockovich and Pretty Woman thinking she was beautiful but can't find any screenshots that really back me up. You can see how boring Deschanel looks when she doesn't have her typical bangs. Maybe its just that they look like every other female celebrity and its very blah. She would stand out in a crowd, but not next to other models.

They look ok, not ugly but they're plain. It' not like I would have found her attractive anyway but I don't like her face just because it reminds me of that person. I admit it's really weird though. Kendall's surgeries make her look fake, even though they're not as obvious as kylie's.

Kourtney seems to be the only one allowing herself to at least look like she's aging somewhat. Even though Kendall's rumored to have gotten cheek and lip fillers, and a nose job, at least she still looks somewhat natural. Kim, Kris, and Kylie all look the worst to Curve game meme dating the same guy twice tzuyu. Well maybe the one playing Arya didn't age that well but most of her fans were pedos.

I mean really do we need another thread bashing women's looks? Go to Scandinavia and the average girl has her face.

Ofc she probably looks better than most people in the world, but still. Also, both threads say "that YOU find ugly", there's nothing wrong with finding someone less attractive than the media push them to be. Love her new short hair though, she suits the tom boy look well.

Bianca Lawson is Beyonce and Solange's step sister? Curve game meme dating the same guy twice tzuyu, I still can't get over her age.

There's no need for yet another of those shit threads. She's pretty enough that I don't object to her being a successful model but not to the extent that she has.

She thought you were perfect...

But didn't she get her original gigs and fame from some good ol nepotism? I think people forget that because she has more natural beauty than the kardashians or hadids so it draws less attention.

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I mean I guess I thought this with the Williams sisters too, but then I saw what they look like in bikinis. Whenever I see people talking about her they always point out how disgusting and ugly Curve game meme dating the same guy twice tzuyu is. Kind of OT, but I just saw this. She's just as bad as the others now. She kinda behaves that way too she's so out of touch with reality. Came here to say this and was not disappointed. I Curve game meme dating the same guy twice tzuyu glad this was posted so early on.

Richard Dawkins' looking mofo. But still, not goddess tier as some make her out to be. Talk about overrated, in looks and personality. The "cool girl" act is just so fake. Also I know it's a meme by now, but holy nasolabial folds. She looks so manly face-wise, imho. They don't fit her face at all. Hope she lays off fillers, she doesn't need them. Like it looks all smushy and doughey. Whatever genetic cocktail she is sporting needs to be recorded for the future benefit of our genetically engineered progeny.

Felicia Day isn't a great beauty but she was a cute redheaded nerd-chick in a time where there really wasn't as much competition.

Want to add to the...

She had a casual, approachable appeal and she walked the walk well Curve game meme dating the same guy twice tzuyu. I highly doubt she could break out at this point in time though, there is more competition and the target audience has grown more accepting and accustomed to more glamorous looks.

I don't think she ever profiled herself as hot unless in "date Curve game meme dating the same guy twice tzuyu avatar" where that was kind of the whole meaning of the song my avatar might be really hot but I'm just a regular girl. Man, that brings up memories. Her facial features are beautiful, but she literally looks like a shiny moon due to her weight and makeup. She is tall cm so her frame is quite big, however that big frame could be reduced if she went down in weight.

I don't get why people take makeup tips from her. JPG Never understood this girls appeal. Weird misshapen features that aren't proportional, pointy Pinocchio nose, man jaw effect from overpumping fillers, but "muh feminism". Her body is great is but so fake looking not saying it's fake and her self serving attitude is horrible. This thread is such a downer.

Sage for off Curve game meme dating the same guy twice tzuyu. Introducing TWICE: Why Each Member Is Unforgettable music video make TWICE one of the top rookie groups to keep an eye on in the future. Tzuyu (16), receiving the most votes on the final episode of “Sixteen,” is the. He asked, his eyes shimmering nore the closer Tzuyu got. She sat "Guys! I'm the leader! Listen to me and let me go!" Jihyo complained.

With one swift lunge of her hands, Sana pushed Yoongi onto Jihyo's lap. Her lips curved up into a shy smile, just as bright and cheerful as her eyes. "So you two are dating!?. feelings until mina found chaeyoung. this is not the original audio, i had to changed and re upload due to copyright. i can ship mina with any twice member, lol.


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Threeheads are really unattractive and unintelligent looking though. They look so massive for her delicate height and yeah a bit like stomps therefore. But just so… plain and boring? Her eyes, nose and mouth are way too big for her face. Go to Ukraine and there are lots of Women like her around. I hardly ever wear makeup because I'm so confident in my skin. Jisoo would not hesitate to say something unless it was Yang Hyunsuk.

Review in ' International Conversation ' started by Royals , Scar 12, This locale uses cookies. By continuing to exhaust this location, you are agreeing to our put to use of cookies. Mar 13, I mean we all separate YG has no docket but I screamed at this lmao x I was condign about the comment nearby Moonbok being shoulder to the mock next to him and their was no retort button. I hate when that shit happens. I see some people are trying to have an opinion outdoors even listening to the MV unconditionally let solo the album.

Please at least be educated with your dragging ladies as otherwise it is lately trolling which is dreary and I can resume functioning d enter to 1Hell for that. It looks this require be GOT7's most prosperous comeback to date as their charting are cured than in advance of.

I am off to catch up as we are already on the 3rd page-boy and I am discernible of the loop with the GOT7 updates. They've been coasting by on Jackson's celebrity and being apart of the Gargantuan 3 instead of years.

Is there anything I could have misinterpret his line? I don't know what old man Hyun SUK is thinking but apparently What other group could be in the game for 3 YEARS and have This shit is fucking hilarious and sad at the same damn time. If this dating ish blows up, Twice/JYP might need to do a concept .. This gif gave possible deniability:dead. No Memes, Jokes, or Shitposts .. I'm still self-conscious about the same things. .. were thin as hell but still have some curve to them and as a plus size yule log, .. I look at kids like Tzuyu from Twice and am jealous of how they have . guy idols who HAVE said that they wouldn't mind dating fat girls and..

You consistently see similar details pop up in a lot of forums that center around Korean report culture; people who bang diet to try to attain the thinness of their favorite idols, community who plan medical tourism to South Korea, persons who pick their own faces apart and ruthlessly compare themselves to surgically perfected beauties on Music Bank. Have any of these things happened to people you know personally? Have you yourself begun to think the damsel down the street has a big head or the waiter you about at your favorite restaurant should get his ogle corners cut?

My sister looks like a confound of both Blackpink Jennie and Rose while I look like the portliness Walmart version of Twice Dahyun so I was wrecked in the self-regard department from the inception, but K-pop idols were a whole nother of "people can be really pretty.

I'm interested in seeing how K-Pop has affected you guys. That's one of the more ridiculous things I've heard about. For a while I thought it was just a lousy translation and they meant that they had disconcerted pores, or nice bark, but nope. Literally means they have a niggardly head. It is not much actually about noggin being small, it is more about how it tends to give happier heard to body proportion. Same, especially now that I know I drink a big head.


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  • feelings until mina found chaeyoung. this is not the original audio, i had to changed...
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Curve game meme dating the same guy twice tzuyu

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Pop Quiz: Which TWICE member...

Her personality pulls her way down though. I'm surprised child suicide isn't higher in Korea because they apparently study from 7 AM to 10 PM in schools, then turn on the television and see people with literally impossible standards of beauty. Originally posted by sensualkisses. For example just look at park bom. Just bring the hairline up.

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[ISAC] 아이돌스타 선수권대회 - TWICE TZUYU is an Archery goddess?! 20160915

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Jungkook BTS's girlfriend -IU -Tzuyu [Twice] -Lisa [Blackpink]

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