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Become a sex phone line operator


Money Become a sex phone line operator Last updated June 28, Guest author today — T. Thema Martin as part of our Side Hustle Series. Over the past few years, my income had steadily decreased because of the effects of the recession. I standardly live a debt-free except mortgage and minimalistic no car life. However, I lost a lot of income sources in June Therefore, I was looking for replacement streams of income.

I then brainstormed to see what jobs I could do from home. I did some research on a Sunday, and applied to 10 companies that same day. The next day, Become a sex phone line operator, one company contacted me and on Wednesday, another company contacted me.

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If you have a corded landline, a headset, a positive attitude about sex, and a sexy voice, you are hired! To apply, you have to complete a standard application and leave a voicemail for the recruiter so that she can judge your voice. If she likes your voice and you pass the standard background check, you are then required to attend a one-hour phone orientation or you are given material to read as your orientation.

Then, you are put on the phones to deal with sexually-charged men. Before you take your first call, you have to think of an alias and background information to use. An easy alias, such as Jennifer, works best so that callers can remember you.

I suggest using information that you are familiar with. For example, if you say that you are from Miami but you know nothing about the neighborhoods, a problem may occur if you have a caller from Miami. It is okay to say that you have a degree, but I would Become a sex phone line operator suggest stating which college you went to.

I suggest stating a college that you are familiar with or say that you got your degree online. You need 4 main skills to be successful as a PSO: You have to listen very carefully to your clients in order to follow their lead. I keep a client card for repeat callers.

Therefore, when they call, they are impressed that I remember what they like and what they look like. The majority of clients fall into the first 2 categories: Of course, I prefer to work with the Professional. However, I will service the Pornographer. If I get the Pervert on the Become a sex phone line operator, I refer him to another PSO, or I will disconnect the call if he wants to discuss a taboo subject, which callers are not supposed to Become a sex phone line operator. However, during every shift, there is always a client who wants to play out a taboo fantasy.

I will spare you the disturbing details. Since I work from 4am to 8am ET daily, I tend to get Perverts and Pornographers Become a sex phone line operator from the west coast who have just gotten off of work or who cannot sleep, and the Professionals from the east coast who are just waking up and getting ready for work.

Therefore, clients are either calling me to service them to a pleasurable sleep or a pleasurable awakening. On the other hand, I have spoken to Professionals for 55 minutes per call discussing everything from the economy, recession, and Ponzi schemes to the eco-system, Russia, and politics.

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Who knew that PSOs had to stay on top of current events? As you may have already figured out, not every call is about sex. Some people are just calling to talk because they are lonely, like talking to an interesting woman, or are simply playing out a no-sex fantasy. The best client is a repeat client who makes it a routine to call you every morning. Beware of clients who want to give you their phone number so that Become a sex phone line operator can continue the conversation offline.

That is a big no-no! Every company has a different pay scale. When you are not talking to clients, you are not getting paid. However, if you work from 10pm to 6am, some companies will pay you more per minute.

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Another way to make Become a sex phone line operator per minute is to work at least 30 hours a week for an additional few cents per minute. That is not a lot of money, but keep in mind that I multi-task while I am waiting for calls. I blog, read a book, fold clothes, answer emails, watch a movie, etc.

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During my 4-hour shift, I took 24 calls from men and a woman. The shortest call lasted 1 minute and the longest lasted 18 minutes. I talked a total of 90 minutes to callers on my first day. When I received my graduate degree years ago, I thought of job opportunities such as teaching college, writing mysteries, hosting parties, personal training, and blogging. Also, this job has given me some unique insight as I am putting the finishing touches on a cozy mystery I have written, which has the amateur sleuth moonlighting as a Become a sex phone line operator Actress.

Thema Martin is the publisher and editor of Savionaire. If you have any questions on being a Phone Actress, ask away!

This may or may not be my all-time fave hustle yet ; Think Become a sex phone line operator could ever do this? HAVE you ever done this? Jay loves talking about money, collecting coins, blasting hip-hop, and hanging out with his three beautiful boys. You can check out all of his online projects at jmoney. Thanks for reading the blog! This post was informative. I have never thought of this profession as a side hustle. Kudos to the writer for taking on this job. It seems like a great way to make some cash.

What proportion of people would you say call just to chat? How did you get the idea to apply?

The Ideal Phone Sex Operator

I once had an employee that was raised in the sex business. Her dad owns adult video stores and her mom was a PSO. Dana, being a PSO is a great way for me to make cash while completing other duties simultaneously. When my friends call me, I never just stop, sit down, and talk to them. I am always multi-tasking. I do the same with my callers. The profile for callers who want to just chat is a white male over The oldest client I ever had was We also talked for 55 minutes.

I remember reading a book about a high end escort. I learned quickly that part of my job is to act like a therapist who has excellent listening skills because callers want you to just listen to their problems. Most have no one to talk to or they are ashamed to talk to others about certain issues. PKamp3, I made the majority of my income from teaching college. Even though I taught college part time, I was making a full time salary from it.

However, once the recession started, combined with more and more people not seeing value in a college degree, I went from teaching 8 classes at a time in to just 1 to 3 right now.

Therefore, I had to come up with Become a sex phone line operator income. I remember a few years ago, a publisher had sent me a book about the escort industry to review for my blog. The book Become a sex phone line operator non-escort women advice on how to spice up their sex lives. One tip was to engage in phone sex with their lover. She also noted how people do that for a living from home. When I started brainstorming about jobs that I could do from home or within walking distance of my home I have no carI remembered what the book had said.

I also considered becoming an online Web researcher, which is doing research for companies from your home. Become a sex phone line operator wa hi I am I was thinking about doing the job I just had a couple questions as far as what do I say arent their phrases that people say to wereI should know what they want. Shoot, I used to for free with my then husband when he was in the Marine Corps and deployed!

After reading this, I asked one of my coworkers if she would ever consider doing this part time. Nicole, you are a pro at it!

Also, we have something in common because I do service enlisted men and officers. Crystal, most people have no idea about the ins and outs of the business. The only true downside to this business is when the Become a sex phone line operator executive calls and wants you to act like his biologically little girl who is still in grade school.

I get too many of those types Become a sex phone line operator calls. Of course, I disconnect and flag the call. What happens if you have a cold? Husband has a co-worker that is a Dominatrix, she makes tons of money, she works in IT for the health insurance. She has quite the wig collection that she wears to the office.

I would do it. She does outcalls only so she has a security guy her boyfriend go Become a sex phone line operator her. My flatmates used to do this at uni.

You need to keep them on the line, the longer you keep them on the line the more cash the company and you earn. So lots of. Register to become a talker on, best of all it's free! NOTE: All new talkers are required to use the chat line for up to 30 days and complete You're Become a sex phone line operator for cash and have been toying with the idea of becoming a phone sex operator.

It's a tricky topic for a lot of people.

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